The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

~St. Augustine

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Join friends Erica Vink and Brenda Filmalter for a variety of fascinating and informative journeys around Cape Town, the Winelands and the interior of the Western Cape. Here you will get to experience the true feel of the tip of Africa and what makes it such a unique destination.

See our ‘Tours’ link for a description of the options available. We can accommodate your individual requests should you want to lengthen or shorten a tour, or visit other places of interest not included.

Erica specializes in hikes and walks in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Western Cape while Brenda, born and bred in Stellenbosch, plans your trips and introduces you to unique places, off-the-beaten track.

The small size of the groups allows us to give personal attention and, should you desire, tailor the tours to your preferences and requests. We give you the option of a picnic lunch – of local produce and specialities. We are also able to organize evening meals, introducing you to the local ‘braai’, seafoods and Cape cuisine.